VeryPDF PCL Converter

VeryPDF PCL Converter 2.7

The program can convert print files (PCL, PXL and PX3) to PDF and image formats
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VeryPDF PCL Converter is a converter of PCL, PXL, PX3 to PDF and other distribution formats like TIFF, JPG and BMP files. It can be also used to create image and bitmap files like JPG, JPEG and BMP or a searchable PDF file. It is the most convenient way to convert a laser printer supported PCL or PXL format file into a small PDF document; and the user can drag the document into this software directly from the Windows Explorer for faster conversion. This software also supports command line arguments, so you can either run this tool directly from the command line or call it from any script as well.
It has many settings options which make conversion very easy and fast for the user. With the base setting option a user can choose the output format of the file and can set the rotation angle for the pages within the conversion process. User can also set the parameters like image color depth and image resolution for images within the file, with save image mode option. It also supports security option for output PDF files. User can set a user password and a master password for a PDF file and he can also set the encryption level to either 40-bit or 128-bit. PDF file information like Title, Author, Subject and keywords can be set for converted PDF file.

Manoj Goel
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  • Conversion is fast and accurate
  • Password protection for PDF files
  • Doesn’t need other software like Acrobat Reader for conversion
  • Supports wildcard characters


  • Creates large PDF files after conversion
  • Very few output format options
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